Why we do it

Help & Protect

We set the sanctuary up due to the increasing numbers of animals that need help & protection

Providing Homes

It is vital that there are places people can bring their animals if they are unable to continue to house them

Animal Welfare

The animals are always the innocent party and it might sound cliché but somebody has to look after them

Our Animals

A variety of Tortoises, Snakes, Insects as well as Parrots, Monkeys, Farm animals, Aviary birds & lots more
If you like what we do, please donate!


What our customers say

“My toddler loves the open days. You get a lovely close up experience with the animals and all the staff are so friendly”

Alice Haines | Visitor at Fundraising Open Day

“Lovely day yesterday the kids loved it, will definitely be back soon for another visit. The staff are amazing and have a great set up!!”

Darren Evans | Visitor


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114a Badminton Road,
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