Viaduct Visits

We come to you with a selection of animals to your home, event, party or other function.

We have attended schools, nursing homes, fetes, charity events, social events and even prisons! We tailor the presentation to the age and experience of the people taking part.

We understand that some people are less comfortable than others with certain animals and we are very patient with everybody and we want to ensure you all have an enjoyable time.

We will speak with you in advance and select a range of animals to suit the people that will be taking part. It’s not every day you get to meet exotic animals!

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Animal Rescue

We get contacted on a regular basis in relation to a wide variety of animals that for whatever reason their current owners are unable to continue looking after.

We do also come in to find animals left outside our building (in boxes) or we are contacted by members of the public (or veterinary practices) to ask for help with animals that have been found abandoned. Sadly this is quite a common occurrence.

Wherever possible we take in any animal that requires a new home, if we do not have space for the animal we will suggest alternative rescues to contact or assist by asking our Facebook followers to foster the animals until we secure a permanent home.

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We rely heavily on donations. If you like what we do please  DONATE !

Our Prices

If you have any questions on our prices please don’t hesitate to contact us

Every visitor we get at the sanctuary helps us continue to look after the animals that are in our care. The same goes for our Viaduct visits service.

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Animal Experiences

£49 – Be an Exotic Animal Keeper
£10 – Reptile Handling Session
£10 – Snake Handling Session


Animal Adoption

£20 – Package 1
£35 – Package 2


Viaduct Visits

£35 per hour – At the Sanctuary
£35 per hour – At your Home


General Admission

£1.50 – Per Person


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